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Nail Down the Creative Mix in Your Facebook Campaigns - Why Video Performance Matters

The quality of your content is among the essential factors in determining the success of your Facebook ads. Advertisers that are the most efficient produce a considerably larger number of creatives than their competitors and diversify their creative material to have a favorable effect on performance. Following the findings of recent research by Facebook, businesses that utilized both static and video resources had an estimated 17 percent greater rate of conversions than those that relied only on fixed assets.

Even though video assets are renowned for having a high cost of production, creative automation solutions such as Vidyou's Video Templates enable marketers to produce video content with a minimal amount of resources. Testing the performance effect of your video resources in your creative mix, on the other hand, is critical to achieving success in digital advertising. Listed below are a few things you should think about before you start running your tests:
What Methods Should You Use to Determine the Optimal Creative Mix?
If you want to include video in your creative mix, we suggest you experiment with static images vs static images and video.

A frequent error is to compare static and video resources against one another; completely ignoring the optimum creative balance is more critical: stationary and video assets complement one another since certain people react better to static, whereas others respond better to video assets. Users will not get tired of repeated creatives if you mix and match creative materials. This will help to minimize ad fatigue.

Remember to evaluate the budget distribution among static and video elements as well - we suggest that at least 20% of the total budget be spent on video productions.
What Happens If Performance Differs Based on Attribution Model?
We have regularly seen a trend in the performance of static and video assets that differs depending on the attribution model:

* Static tends to perform best with click-through only models

* Video performs better with view-through attribution

It is recommended that you analyze the success of your creative mix using various attribution models and evaluate different creative combinations (static vs static Plus video) as a best practice. Cells should be compared to one another in the context of several attribution models, and The way they stack up against one another is dependent on whether or not we have perspective included within our attribution modeling.

Because of the discrepancy in findings based on various attribution models, evaluating results may be difficult. However, it is ultimately the incrementality of the essential results, so we suggest using a Multi-Cell Lift Test.
Using video to increase incremental conversions for feed-based advertising is a good idea
When it comes to incorporating video into your marketing mix, feed-based advertising is the best option. However, when it comes to promoting items in your catalogue, Dynamic Ads have historically been the most effective campaign type. Considering that Dynamic Ads are only accessible in a static picture format, it is advantageous to include video into the advertising mix.

Video Templates from Vidyou's allow you to create a creative mix by using video advertisements generated automatically from the items in your catalogue. Following a rigorous testing process, we have shown that video may significantly improve the incremental performance of your ads.

Using Vidyou's Video Templates and the addition of video advertising on top of Dynamic Ads, we achieved a 50% reduction in an incremental cost per purchase for a worldwide app advertiser in a test that we performed with that advertiser.
What is the best way to iterate your video content?
In video production, there are many iterations to consider. If one video variant fails to perform as expected, continue experimenting with other forms until you discover the winning recipe. Some components that you may test and iterate on are as follows:

  • The overall duration of the video
  • The difference between editing at a fast and leisurely pace
  • Call-To-Action
  • Brand logo and offer - the timing of disclosure and position (beginning or finish) of the campaign
  • Localization of the content
  • Incorporating seasonal elements
  • People vs the natural environment
  • Television advertisements have been shortened in length
  • The use of user-generated content (UGC)
  • Animated or live-action films
  • Colour schemes are important
  • Story vs In-feed videos, Collection and Canvas, are some of the video formats available

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