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VIDYOU | Automated Videos 101

The Power of Vidyou Automation
and How It Drives New Levels of Bottom-Line Success

Baris Mirzai
In this ever-evolving digital age, video marketing, creative automation, and the strive to advance sales conversions are at an all-time high. Why? Because based on WordStream statistics, implementing videos on websites can effectively increase organic traffic by 157% and boost conversion rates by 80%. Overall, video marketing in and of itself has essentially become the holy grail to obtain new levels of engagement, exposure, and growth in this modern world.

But here's the zinger.

Because the digital market is so competitive and always manifesting, it means you must continuously be innovative to rise above your competition and reach full scaling potential. This includes altering your video content along with adopting new strategic methods to keep up as the demand market shifts. In short, video marketing is vital to succeed, but it can also be a strenuous hassle if you are doing everything manually. Luckily, this is where automated videos and the cutting-edge support of Vidyou automation can help you fill those prevalent voids and concerns so you can finally gain the best of both worlds – high performing results and saved time/money.

Table of contents
1. What are automated videos?
2. The fundamental benefits of leveraging creative automation
3. Who can benefit from automated videos?
4. Get started with Vidyou's creative automation
What Are Automated Videos?
For starters, the term automation refers to using a vast range of technologies to help reduce human intervention during various processes. Using that in terms of automated videos, it is essentially the process of taking the rudimentary task of creating marketing videos manually and automating them instead. This is done by taking advantage of innovative software as we have at Vidyou to both streamline and centralize the routine task of video creation.

To learn more about how creative automation works at Vidyou, you can discover that here.

What this means for you as a marketer or leader is you will be able to quickly generate tailored and error-free video content for branding/marketing purposes across the platform pipelines in a matter of seconds vs. days doing it the old-fashioned way.
The Fundamental Benefits of Leveraging Creative Automation
Template & music
Add your own on-brand templates to the Vidyou or choose from our carefully crafted free ready-made video templates.
Your content feed
Connect your template to a content feed.
Once you connect to Vidyou, your videos will immediately start being created automatically. Whenever you add new products to your content feed, Vidyou will create new videos automatically.
Now, being able to create hundreds and even thousands of videos in seconds might be the largest perk of Vidyou automation, but it also becomes the catalyst for many other benefits as well. Some of those include:

  • Saves you time and effort so you can focus your attention to other pressing business needs to scale your business faster

  • Eliminates the risk of costly human errors

  • Saves money and resources caused by manual video creation labor

  • Boosts overall team efficiency and marketing effectiveness

  • Offers enhanced standardization to help bolster branding image and credibility across all social channels
Who Can Benefit From Automated Videos?
By this point, you probably recognize how critical creative automation genuinely is within this day and age. However, that thought is likely coupled with the question if automated videos are worth investing in or not for your particular industry. In general, the answer to that is more than likely yes under any condition, especially if you are an e-commerce marketer, run any type of agency, host travel/hotel websites, or operate a listing website.

For example, our Vidyou white label feature successfully supported the RoiPublic agency with managing all their customers on a single dashboard. Even more, used Vidyou to save hours of time creating 50+ videos for hotels daily, and the retailer Flormar was able to convert over 3,000 products across 110 countries into lead-generating videos in a matter of seconds. In summary, automated videos contain ample groundbreaking benefits for industries across the product and servicing spectrum, and you deserve to experience the fruits of that automation freedom as well.

eCommerce | Beauty
Establishing a partnership with Vidyou, Flormar automated the video creation process for all its products in different languages.

The Vidyou team has uploaded a branded video template for Flormar's account and integrated a spreadsheet as a product catalog feed link to the Vidyou platform.

When Flormar's marketing team listed a product on spreadsheet Vidyou immediately converted into videos in different languages for Instagram stories, Youtube, and Facebook.
Marketplace | Automotive
In collaboration with Vidyou, automatically converted all of the car adverts listed on the website into videos.

OtoEksper connects to Vidyou's API and sends all of the car information listed on the website to Vidyou through API in real-time. The video, which takes roughly 8 seconds to create, is sent to over the API again.
Get Started with Vidyou's Creative Automation
Did you know that 4.6 billion video ads are watched annually online? Furthermore, videos are renowned for 65% of ad viewers actually visiting a business site with high potential to become legitimate leads. With these realities, it stands to reason why so many businesses across industry sectors leverage videos as their key marketing tool – and now is no better time for you to not only jump on board too, but do so 'smarter not harder' by using Vidyou automation.

From authentic video automation, tailored channel formatting to unlocking the ability to generate thousands of videos with just a few clicks, creative automation is not just a video marketing luxury anymore; it has become a business necessity to solidify a growth-driven and seamlessly running future. With that being said, connect with Vidyou today and stop holding yourself and your business back by trying to manually handle this convoluted process yourself. All in all, the era of creative automation is here, and if you truly want to tick your video marketing game up, advance above your competition, and obtain prosperous long-term growth while saving time/money, then we are ready when you are to make that happen.