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VIDYOU automates videos
for real estate listings
Zingat, operating in cooperation with REIDIN and Doğuş Group in 2015, is a reliable real estate information and marketing platform that adopts quality service and transparent information understanding and brings together real estate professionals and individuals with accurate, comprehensive reference information under one roof. automated video creation for more than 500.000+ listings
How to automate and update hundreds of video ads from an API?
Zingat has a broad listing catalog with more than 200K+ real estate agents and listings and price information is frequently updated. The video ads had to be refreshed every day to include the right listings with up-to-date price information.
On-brand video templates
Zingat partnered with Vidyou to automate video creation for each newly added listings every minute. Vidyou's video templates allowed Zingat to run on-branded video ads for their listings.
Hundreds of branded videos are created automatically every minute!
When real estate agents list a new property on, Vidyou's engine creates a video automatically under 10 seconds.
New experience for real estate agents
Real estate agents promote their properties with videos which are given a premium service from
Video product pages shows listings with eye-catching videos on the product page. Videos that are created automatically are embedded into the related product page.