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Flo Automates Video From Product Feeds
The largest footwear retailer in Turkey with over 450 Flo, Polaris, and Sport in Street stores relies on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram to promote their products across multiple markets.
How to Automate and Update Hundreds of Video Ads From a Product Feed?
Flo has a broad product catalog with frequently updated deals and price information. The video ads have to be refreshed every day to include the right products with up-to-date price information.
More Than 10.000 On-Branded Video Ads Automatically
Flo partnered with Vidyou to advertise all their products which are around 10.000. Vidyou's video templates allowed FLO to run on-brand video ads for all their product video ads.
Hundreds of Branded Video Ads Created Automatically Under 30 Seconds
30 Seconds to generate 10.000+ on-brand videos for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube
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