Automated Video Ads For
Real Estate
Connect your listing URL and let Vidyou automatically transform your properties into a video ad catalog with each ad featuring a different property.
Advertise all your properties with video ads
Create unique video ads featuring each property with its price and promo information.
Eye-catching real estate templates
Take your static product images to the next level with pre-made video templates.
Vidyou has a huge pre-made video template library created by our award-winning professional designers, you can pick your quality theme and music to match your products perfectly.
How Does Vidyou Work?
Sync your listings.Your listings are automatically synced using the feed url.
Once you connect to our platform and select your template & soundtrack, your videos will immediately start being created.
All of your video ads will be added to your Facebook Business Manager ready for use.
All formats, all channels
Create your video ads inventory automatically with
all video ad formats you need.

- Facebook
- Instagram Stories
- YouTube
- Twitter
- Snapchat
- Linkedin
- Pinterest
Facebook & Instagram ready
We're pre-integrated with Facebook Business Manager, so your video ads go directly into your Facebook Business Manager.
Scalable and always up-to-date
Each day, Vidyou syncs with your listings to generate video ads for newly added properties, or to provide updated information, such as changes in price.
Show your videos on your website
Easily embed a single line of code into your website or email to dynamically generate videos.
Sync your listings automatically
Your listings are automatically synced using the feed url.
Ready to launch your first ad campaign and
generate quality leads?