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Auto-Generated Videos
Vidyou helps you auto-generate eCommerce product videos, real estate listing videos with a product feed or our API.
Empower Your Brand via Videos
Automate your video creation
Simply connect your digital catalog, and Vidyou will automatically create videos in every size and spec you need for each individual product in your feed.
Any changes or newly added products are automatically added to your Vidyou video-ads inventory.
Once your product feed is connected, Vidyou will have your full video-ads inventory ready in under 30 seconds.
Scale Video Production At Your Pace
Save the time and headache of massive video production demands with Vidyou. Our unique automation process helps you not only keep up with but exceed your video production demands. Committed to bridging the gap of your video needs, you'll never have to worry about the slow and unscalable process of manual video production, ever again.
For Social Media
Vidyou automatically creates all the videos you need to run a robust video campaign, formatted perfectly for every platform—Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more!
For Website
Keep your website visitors engaged, on your product or listing page. Transform static images into eye-catching videos automatically.
Automate Your Way
Upload your own designs! Simply send us your PSD files, and our team will add them to your customized account—animating them for a high-quality, professional-looking video.
Award-Winning Service
Vidyou is your award-winning creative service team. In collaboration with your marketing team, we deliver high-quality, on-brand video templates.