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Automatically generate thousands of on-brand Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos using any data source to showcase prices, discounts, and more.

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Powerful Automation For Marketers
Vidyou is fully automated, once your content feed is connected, Vidyou will start to generate your videos automatically. It doesn't matter how many products you have. You can generate as much as you want.
Connect your template to a content feed. Add all of your products, images, and prices. Whenever you add new products, Vidyou will create new videos automatically.
CTA variants
Variants for multiple calls to action.
Generate videos in all languages.
Channel & size
Create for all social media platforms.
1,000+ pioneering brands rely on Vidyou to scale & automate videos
It is an excellent platform! The best tool to massively create video ads.
Kevin Manley - eCommerce marketing manager
Choose from our carefully crafted free ready-made video templates or add your own on-brand templates to the Vidyou platform.
Automate your videos
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Connect Your Content Feed
Vidyou is flexible, allowing you to connect your content feed in whatever way is most convenient to you. Use a spreadsheet or Vidyou's API as a feed source.

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Easy, and enjoyable
Take control of your videos through our dashboard. Use it to keep track of every video created and connect Vidyou to your Facebook Ad Manager account and choose exactly where your videos appear.
Log in to your Facebook Business Manager
Export your video URLs as an Excel format.
Select to upload to Facebook Business Manager
Vidyou is flexible, allowing you to connect your data source in whatever way is most convenient to you.

Connect with a spreadsheet or with API.
Vidyou is an innovative video creation software. I've never seen anything like this! It helps us to create videos for clients on a scale not possible before…
Federico Navarro - CEO
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