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Listings on the now turn into videos

CHALLENGE, Turkey's largest used auto listing website, wants to create videos for all automobiles featured on the site. Individual videos for each car, on the other hand, are very hard to create using conventional methods. The ad agency couldn't manually create a video on the site with more than 100 cars listed every day.
In collaboration with Vidyou, automatically converted all of the car adverts listed on the website into videos.

OtoEksper connects to Vidyou's API and sends all of the car information listed on the website to Vidyou through API in real-time. The video, which takes roughly 8 seconds to create, is sent to over the API again.
The marketing team uses the videos for advertising each auto on social media, and they are also shared with gallery owners, who can then post it on their own social media.
3.000+ videos per month
On a daily basis, OtoEksper converts more than 100 listed auto ads into video ads. The marketing team was able to automate the entire process without any manual efforts. Vidyou, which creates over 3000 videos per month, can create thousands of videos in real-time thanks to its scalable video creation technology. As a result, the OtoEksper team has immediate access to the video of the listed automobiles.
Scale your video production with Vidyou
Vidyou's Creative Automation helps you quickly produce large volumes of video content.