Increase Your Sellers' Experience
Give a video ad tool for marketing to your sellers with Vidyou.
Grow your marketplace by helping your sellers advertise.
It Works Automatically
When real estate agents create new listing on your marketplace, Vidyou generates a video ad immediately.
Video Page
Embed your videos to product page automatically.
Video content is king!
Video ad has the potential to reach far more people online than a traditional stack of paper cards.
The easiest way to create new experience for your marketplace.
All Features
Every Size
- Facebook in-feed square video size
- Instagram vertical video size
- Youtube HD video size
Each day or every minute Vidyou syncs with your product feed to generate video ads for products that have updated such as changes in price.
Real Time
Once you're connected to our platform and have selected your template & soundtrack, your video ads will start being created immediately.
Custom Templates
Add your own branded custom templates or work with our creative team.
Automatic Import To Facebook Business
Once your video ads are ready, they are automatically added to your Facebook business manager so that you can launch them right away.
Export Formats
- Mp4 format
- Gif format
- JPG format