Beautiful videos for all your product catalog under 30 seconds. No matter how many products you have.
Turn your entire product catalog into a high performing dynamic video ads catalog that attracts attention and converts viewers.
Rise the creative bar
Take your static images to the next level. Vidyou's creative automation tools and templates draw on your product catalog or data sources to customize your creatives, plugging in localized offers, price and copy variations.
beauty & costmetic
home decoration
How Does Vidyou Work?
Sync your products from your store with just a single click.
Once you're connected to our platform and have selected your template & soundtrack, your video ads will start being created immediately.
All of your video ads will be added to your Facebook Business Manager ready for use.
Move as Fast as Your Customers
Instantly publish ads across formats and social channels.

- Facebook & Instagram in-feed video ads
- Instagram Stories video ads
- Youtube HD video ads
Produce highly personalized,
on-brand creatives at scale
Generate thousands of ad variations automatically using any data source and show prices, discounts, store locations, availability, and more.
Your videos
always up-to-date
Each day or every minute Vidyou syncs with your product feed to generate video ads for products that have updated information such as changes in price.
Connect Your Catalog
Sync your product inventory with just a single click! We'll automatically import your products into Vidyou platform.
Trusted by world-class brands ♥
Vidyou is an innovative video creation software. I've never seen anything like this! It helps us to create content for clients on a scale not possible before...
Federico Navarro
It is an excellent and super intuitive platform! One of the best tools to massively create video ads.
Kevin Manley
Digital Marketing - Bidcom
Thank you very much Vidyou. Scaling video with up-to-date destinations and prices wouldn't be possible without a creative automation solution.
Laurent Savioz
Marketing Associate - Buchard Voyages
Every Batman needs a Robin.

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