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How to Scale Your Instagram Stories Ads

Scaling Video Creative
Among the most challenging problems that internet marketers face is the scalability of video creativity. Understandably, it's challenging to modify video content for all ad types and placement available on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. At the same time, conventional video production methods are becoming outdated since assets must be continuously updated to conform to the new standards of internet advertising and marketing.

Following its introduction in 2016, Instagram Stories has made its way into its users' hearts and daily lives. Instagram Stories, which boasts 400 million daily users, has unlocked the door to many possibilities for marketers to reach and then further engage their target audiences.

Video creation is becoming more automated, allowing teams to think strategically and keep a consistent look and feel across all platforms.
There are two things that outstanding Facebook and Instagram advertisements have now in common: they tell a narrative, and they appear natural to their respective platforms and ad placements. To verify that the preload is native to the platform on which it is being used, we always begin by placing advertisements in the preset. Following the selection of an ad location, we start the process of creating the content. Throughout the process, we consider a variety of patterns within consuming habits that differ depending on the device. Our recommended practices for designing preset, and Instagram Stories advertisements are as follows:

  • We make sure that all settings seem natural to the platform. For example, when producing your movies, try to imitate the content that other people are uploading. Stickers, GIFs, and text overlays, for example, may help your advertisements blend in with the Stories stream and become more noticeable.
  • The initial 0.5 seconds are significant. since it affects whether or not the user will keep on watching
  • Using text and images clues, as well as call-to-actions, to direct visitors to the next step you need them to take.
  • Use visual and auditory cues to communicate the information effectively. Keep in mind that you must tailor advertisements with sound to two distinct audiences: those who view videos with the sound turned on and those who do not. Whenever content is entirely reliant on sound, the danger of losing non-listening customers increases dramatically. When used in conjunction with sound, subtitles, text call-to-actions, hashtags, and keywords help spread the message to all users.
All placements are accessible in conjunction with video templates. Ultimately, we want to create hundreds of mobile-first presets that will make video ad creation simple to do, successful, and fun for our clients. When they discover appropriate presets for their brand and goals, they may iterate the designs by incorporating brand colours, typefaces, and product feeds into the plans. Customers may utilize the performance data collected after a campaign has been launched to refine their advertisements further to identify the most effective version. Additionally, we employ data and feedback from our clients to improve and create more effective settings in their respective roles. Human mistakes and instructions being lost in translation are substantially reduced due to automation, allowing companies to retain their brand identity. Instead of spending their time iterating minute elements for each advertisement, design teams may devote their efforts to campaign strategy.
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Establishing a partnership with Vidyou, Flormar automated the video creation process for all its products in different languages.

The Vidyou team has uploaded a branded video template for Flormar's account and integrated a spreadsheet as a product catalog feed link to the Vidyou platform.

When Flormar's marketing team listed a product on spreadsheet Vidyou immediately converted into videos in different languages for Instagram stories, Youtube, and Facebook.

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