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How to Prepare Your Campaigns for Black Friday

Holidays season is quickly approaching, the biggest shopping season in the United States. More than 70% of customers, according to eMarketer, plan to do most of their shopping online, and 50% say they will spend the same or more than last year. What digital marketers have to do with when the busiest time of the year approaching?

Plan in Advance

Are you aware that more than 40% of customers begin to shop for the holidays in November or before? Since shopping for the holiday has a high priority for customers even early in the autumn, it is essential to schedule the promotion before a good holiday season.

Analyze Past Performance

Consider your results and retrieve last year's performances to look at which strategy succeeded and which did not do when you begin to prepare for the Black Friday promotion. Your performance last year will help you with planning, and you can set more effective goals and specific objectives by analyzing your data.

Be Consistently Creative

Remember to remain consistent and branded while planing your innovations. However, adapt your messages to Black Friday in particular. You can also add seasonal objects to your innovations, expand your visual advertisement formats, and try both visual and still advertisements. Continue to test the innovations to find out which drive output and which do not work accordingly.

Why Video Ads?

World is shifting more online than ever before, and with that comes the desire for that "in-person" shopping experience with the convenience twist. Because automated videos can allow a shopper a much more in-depth understanding of products in a personalized way, they are more likely to buy from you. In fact, 84% of online shoppers say that they are more likely to buy from an eCommerce store if there is a video involved.

So, by not integrating this into your business rhythm, you are only doing more harm to your overall business than good. Now, if you have no idea where to even begin, then that is where Vidyou comes into play.
Get ready for Black Friday