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Connecting Shopify Catalog
1. Generate a CSV link from your Shopify store
2. Preparing a data feed source
Upload your CSV document to Google Spreadsheet. You can also add a "call to action CTA" column to your feed if you want.
2. Connecting your data feed to Vidyou platform
Publish your feed with a link in CSV format as shown below and copy this link.
Click on the feeds section on the Vidyou platform and paste the CSV link you created into this field. In this way, your feed source will be connected to the Vidyou system.

Vidyou will automatically generate videos for new products you will add to your feed, or Vidyou will automatically update the video when you change the information of the current product.
3. Step of setting up the campaign for automatic video creation
In this step, by choosing your video template, we start to ensure that the videos are created automatically.

First, we start by clicking on the "Use a feed" field.

After typing the campaign name in the campaign section, we select our feed source defined from the feed field.

Then choose whether our product prices are separated by dots or commas.
Select "All Products" in this field. You can look at the Custom Segment creation in more detail in the help section.
In this step, you can choose what size you want your videos to be. If you choose HD format, all product videos will be created in HD format. For example, when you choose Square and Vertical, all your videos are created separately in square and vertical formats.
In this step, we will teach how Vidyou should read the feed source. For example, for your product names, we choose the product names column in the spreadsheet. Like the price column for prices.
In the next step we choose a music for our videos.
That's it! Now it's time to automate video creation
Now we can watch and download our videos from the dashboard. Since your data source is connected to Vidyou, the system will automatically generate a video for each new product you add to your feed. You can access these videos from the dashboard after about 1 minute.
In order not to forget to automate, you can have Vidyou check your data source on a minute, daily, weekly basis from the "Auto-updates" section. For example, when you select "every minute", Vidyou checks your feed every minute and automatically generates a video if you have added a new product, or updates the previously created video if you have changed the price of a product.