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eCommerce | MARKETPLACE personalizes video ads for users and visitors on its mobile application and website

CHALLENGE is one of Turkey's largest e-commerce sites, with 33 million users and more than 22 million product listings. The marketing team at GittiGidiyor sought to personalize ads to encourage users to download their app and users who downloaded the mobile app but did not make a purchase.

The company wanted to show different advertisement videos to those who hadn't yet downloaded the mobile app, as well as different video ads to the target demographic who downloaded yet have not used the app. On the other hand, conventional methods did not allow for personalized advertising messages, mobile application images, App Store logos, and call to action messages for each phone model.

GittiGidiyor team, in collaboration with Vidyou, creates targeted video ads for users and visitors across all digital channels.

After the GittiGidiyor team and the Vidyou team uploaded their creative assets to the Vidyou panel, they linked Google Spreadsheet to the system as a data source.

The following information was listed on the Google Spreadsheet;

- Ads message
- Call to action message
- Visual
- Phone model image
- App Store logo
The Vidyou system automatically generated videos for all sizes based on the data specified on the spreadsheet. Videos are created for the following platforms and relevant formats:

- HD for YouTube
- 9:16 vertical for Instagram & Facebook stories
- 1:1 frame size for Instagram & Facebook in-feed posts
The marketing team at GittiGidiyor uploaded the videos created in seconds to Vidyou's Dashboard and had them transferred to the Facebook ad account immediately. They used excel exports to upload all videos for DCO ads.

The GittiGidiyor marketing team was also able to tailor Google re-marketing advertisements thanks to Vidyou, which automatically creates customized static images in addition to videos.
3.600+ videos & images
Then, they displayed unique video ads and static ads to non-members who have visited the website or mobile application and different ad sets to the users who had signed up for membership and downloaded the mobile app but had never made a purchase.
They sped up a 40-work days-long manual procedure to just a few seconds. The GittiGidiyor team, which personalized its ads, had the opportunity to advertise to its users with special messages.
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