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Flormar automates video creation from product feeds
For its more than 3,000 products in 110 countries, Flormar was using active static advertising and wanted to engage with video ads instead of static ones for their product promotions. However, with more than 3,000 items and different languages, it was impossible to manually execute video communication one by one.
Establishing a partnership with Vidyou, Flormar automated the video creation process for all its products in different languages.

The Vidyou team has uploaded a branded video template for Flormar's account and integrated a spreadsheet as a product catalog feed link to the Vidyou platform.

When Flormar's marketing team listed a product on spreadsheet Vidyou immediately converted into videos in different languages for Instagram stories, Youtube, and Facebook.
Each listed product was converted to video within 20 seconds.
50+ videos per day
Hundreds of Branded Videos Created Automatically

Each listed product was converted to video within 20 seconds. After videos were rendered, the Flormar marketing team automatically transferred all of their videos from the Vidyou dashboard to the Facebook Business Manager account. Flormar Content team also used these product videos as daily content on their social media platforms. In this way, while Flormar's marketing team ensured that all products will be promoted by video ads, they also automated their video creation processes and scaled video communication across all platforms.