Get A Live Demo automates video for all of its "for sale" and "for rent" listings
On, real estate agents grow their business with social media by creating personalized video ads for each new listing.
Number of videos GENERATED per day:
AVG 1,000 Videos PER DAY
USER is the leading real estate marketplace in Turkey.

The Zingat team wanted to automatically convert all the house listings on the website into videos. And Zingat's product team wanted to give a video tool for real estate agents.
Once realtors hit "Create video" their platform sends a request to our Vidyou API and Vidyou starts the video creation process. 15 seconds later the video is ready and it pops up into the interface, where the realtor can see it and easily publish it to social media. automatically adds all the videos created to the product page. Then it sends a notification to the real estate agent, allowing them to use the video for sales and marketing on their own social media.
Scale your video production with Vidyou
Vidyou's Creative Automation helps you quickly produce large volumes of video content.