Vidyou helps e-commerce sites automate & personalize video creation at scale for all items, across channels and formats - at higher volume and quality.

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4 Ways to Connect Your Catalogue
Vidyou is flexible, allowing you to connect your catalogue in whatever way is most convenient to you.

- Google Merchant feed URL
- Facebook Catalogue feed URL
- Spreadsheet
- Mobile App
Vidyou transforms your digital product catalogue into videos ready to be used on YouTube, Facebook, and any other video platform. Vidyou is fully automated, each video featuring a different product, saving you time and money. All you have to do is connect your digital product catalogue, and Vidyou will have videos ready for you in seconds.
How it works
Simply connect your digital catalogue, and Vidyou will automatically create videos in every size and spec you need for each individual product in your catalogue.
Reduce manual work by connecting Vidyou to your digital product catalogue. Any changes, or newly added products, are automatically added to your Vidyou video inventory.
On-brand templates
Add your own templates or work with our award-winning designers to create a custom template.
Once your product catalogue is connected, Vidyou will have your full video inventory ready in under 30 seconds.
Video formats
Vidyou automatically creates all the videos you need to run a robust video campaign, formatted perfectly for every platform—Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more!
Facebook ready
Once videos are added to your video inventory, connect Vidyou to your Facebook Ad Manager account and choose exactly where your videos appear.
Automatically updated
Save time and skip the headaches of updating videos. Vidyou does it for you! Whenever a product changes price or you add new products, Vidyou will update your existing videos or create new ones automatically.
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