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Vidyou helps eBetting sites automate & personalize video creation at scale for all bets and games, across channels and formats - at higher volume and quality.

Attract Your Gamers With
High-performing Automated Videos
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Reduce manual work by connecting Vidyou to your digital product catalogue. Any changes, newly added bets are automatically added to your Vidyou video inventory.
Simply connect your digital catalogue, and Vidyou will automatically create videos in every size and spec you need for each individual items in your catalogue.

Vidyou is flexible, allowing you to connect your catalogue in whatever way is most convenient to you.

- Goole Spreadsheet & CSV
- Google Merchant Center feed URL or Facebook Product Catalog feed URL
Transforms your games or bets into videos ready to be used on YouTube, Facebook, and any other video platform. Vidyou is fully automated, each video featuring a different bet.

Once your data source is connected, Vidyou will have your full ad inventory ready in under 30 seconds.
Make each content more personal for every user
Let dynamic videos automatically personalize your contents to deliver more relevant experiences.
For rich push notifications
Deliver personalized gifs on your app to your users.
For e-mail campaigns
Deliver personalized videos on your email campaigns to your users.
Improve your visitors' experience with instant videos. Show your bets or games with videos instead of static photos on your website.

Easily embed a dynamic link into your website or mobile app to dynamically generate videos. Vidyou will generate videos for all your bets on the fly without any integration.
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