The Ultimate Guide to Video Ads Automation Using Vidyou

If you are someone heavily involved within the eCommerce industry, then you have probably heard about the profound abilities video automation, and automated videos have on fostering compelling growth. After all, it is no secret that a photo and a product description are no longer enough to entice and capture audiences in the ever-evolving digital era. The demand and allurement of quality video ads automation is sky high, and in order to stay relevant in the competitive market, it's time you begin implementing this process as well.

To give you the best chances of succeeding and reaching new business attraction levels, we have created a complete guide on just how to optimize your video ads automation and how Vidyou can really make the entire journey a seamless one.
Why Video Ads?
Why Automation?
What is Vidyou?
All About the Onboarding Process
Why Video Ads?

Before diving into technicalities and operations in the go-to guide, let's take a step back and answer the question of why you should forefront video ads in the first place. As noted above, the world is shifting more online than ever before, and with that comes the desire for that "in-person" shopping experience with the convenience twist. Because automated videos can allow a shopper a much more in-depth understanding of products in a personalized way, they are more likely to buy from you. In fact, 84% of online shoppers say that they are more likely to buy from an eCommerce store if there is a video involved.

So, by not integrating this into your business rhythm, you are only doing more harm to your overall business than good. Now, if you have no idea where to even begin, then that is where Vidyou comes into play.

Why Automation?

For starters, the average eCommerce site has roughly 1,000 products, and prices tend to change on a daily or weekly basis. Along with that, new products are often added and released frequently as well. With that being said, when you create videos with existing video development solutions, you will create videos for each product and will most likely not be able to scale video ads between other products.

In conjunction with this, most online tools are not integrated with eCommerce platforms, which is the leading reason you have to upload products one by one. Doing this at first might feel okay, but after 10+, you will realize how much of a headache it truly is.

Because of this reality, that is why automation is such a compelling, new integration that millions are taking advantage of as we speak.

What is Vidyou?

Let's be realistic for a moment; if you have hundreds of products, it is nearly impossible to create a video for every single one of them in a traditional fashion. And even if you do, they will not be dynamic. However, by introducing automated video ads, you can create a smooth video development based on your product catalog data. It cuts time and effort down the minimum, but gain the maximum value as a result. How can you do this?

With Vidyou.

Vidyou is a video automation platform that helps large scale eCommerce businesses, marketers, and agencies with automation video ad creation. This tool automatically sends all your products within your product catalog to a video catalog, which contains video ads for each product. In addition, if you want to automatically transfer them to your Facebook ad account, no matter how many products you have, your videos will be ready in 30 seconds. Just one simple click to connect to your product catalog in your Vidyou platform, and you are done.

But that is not all; there are tons of features in this business tool, such as the ability to connect your product catalog with your marketing feed URL link or your Google Merchant feed link. Furthermore, you can even list your products on Google Sheets, and in the video ads catalog, each product can be produced in all the digital advertising formats you wish. From square for Facebook, vertical for Instagram, to HD for YouTube, each of your products has video ad compatibility for every video format.

The best part?

You can make your video catalog as dynamic as you want. You can easily update the correct video when prices change or when a new product is added and have the peace of mind knowing that Vidyou will automatically generate a video for it. Because Vidyou has a huge pre-made video template library created by our award-winning professional designers, you can pick your quality theme and music to match your products perfectly. Alternatively, you can work with our design team to make a unique theme or upload your own. Overall, the possibilities are endless.

All About the Onboarding Process

Now that we've covered the terms and you know just how powerful video automation and Vidyou are in cultivating a thriving eCommerce, now let's jump into the onboarding process. Vidyou provides customers with an easy-to-follow guide, also known as the onboarding process. The onboarding process will take you step by step through all the information you need to automate your video ad creations successfully.
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