Connect your website that you sell online and let the Vidyou automatically generate video ads for you.
The #1 Video Marketing Automation Platform Trusted & Loved By Companies Around The World
Meet Jessica
She runs an online company.
Her #1 priority is to boost sales & drive more traffic.
#1 Connect Your Product Catalog
Jessica uploads her product catalog
into the Vidyou platform.
#2 Select Your
Pre-Made Theme & Music
She selects a pre-made theme which is designed from Vidyou's award-winning designers.
#3 Create & Scale
Vidyou automatically generate
video ads for she.
Do Your Prices Change Daily Or Hourly?
No problem!
Vidyou checks your feed data and re-generates video ads for you
if there are any updates on your prices.

Top 4 Reasons to Create Video Content
90% of users say that product videos help them decide whether or not to purchase an item.
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. They only retain 10% when they read it.
Companies who utilize video see 41% more web traffic from search than those who don't utilize video.
Video content has the best ROI.
51.9% of marketing professionals agree.
We Specialize in Your Industry.
Real Estate
News - Media - Blog
Travel & Hotel
Transform your product catalog into beautiful engaging video ads.
Give a video ad tool for marketing to your sellers with VIDYOU. Grow your marketplace by helping your sellers advertise.
Real Estate
Transform your properties into beautiful engaging video ads.
News - Media - Blog
Transform your contents into beautiful engaging videos.
Travel & Hotel
Transform your destinations, hotel rooms and flights into beautiful engaging videos.
Transform your vehicles into beautiful engaging videos or give a video ad tool for marketing to your dealers with VIDYOU. Boost your sales by helping your dealers advertise.
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We Are Making Video Advertising Easy and Effective For Everyone
Easily capture your audience's attention with VIDYOU's video templates. Create, automate and scale.
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